Impact For Real Estate


Impact on

Real Estate

Sewer systems are a critical part of home, business, and community infrastructure. Realtors who coordinate the buying, leasing, and selling of properties have a vested interest in knowing that those pipes are in proper working condition. At In-Line Renewal Solutions, we offer cured-in-place (CIPP) pipe rehabilitation equipment and materials for local plumbers and contractors in Western Pennsylvania looking to better repair and replace damaged and aging pipes. The CIPP impact on real estate encompasses many areas of interest for realtors.

Protect Foundations

A leaking sewer lateral or drain may cause significant structural damage to the foundation of a home or business. This type of foundation damage could derail a purchase, sale, or lease. With CIPP rehabilitation, damaged pipes are restored to full functionality. The  Perma-Liner lining system, for instance, stops leaks from damaging the foundation and allows real estate transactions to proceed.




Traditional methods of pipe repair require extensive excavation of the property. With CIPP rehabilitation, only one access point is required. The plumbers can use an existing drain or sewer clean-out, a manhole, or another opening to reach the sewer lateral and initiate the repair process. This protects the landscaping, hardscaping, and other features of the property.

Fast Repairs

In real estate, timing is everything. A delay of a few days of a transaction could cost a lot of money for agents, buyers, and sellers. CIPP rehabilitation takes less than one day. Complete service restoration within hours means real estate transactions don't have to be delayed.

The right equipment and materials make all the difference in a sewer repair. With the CIPP method of rehabilitation for failing sewer lines, property owners and real estate professionals in Western Pennsylvania and beyond can have confidence that the transaction will go as smoothly as possible.

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