Cured In Place Pipe Lining



Cured-In Place Pipe Lining

The country has its fair share of simply outdated sewer lines, not to mention similar infrastructure issues. That means that many plumbing companies will be tasked to deal with a high amount of time-consuming rehabilitation work. Residential, commercial, and even industrial property owners require prompt and efficient solutions, but without having to needlessly go over their budget. More importantly, there has been a greater need for minimally disruptive services that will not be a hindrance to their activities at all.

This is where In-Line Renewal Solutions can recommend conducting cured-in-place pipe lining offered. This allows companies like yours to provide your clients with the perfect modern approach to resolving sewer lines that are neither beneficial nor even functional.

How the Entire Process Works

Cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP lining for short relies on a tube made of polyester or fiberglass that is then saturated with resin. The next step will involve inserting this tube into the pipe in question through a small access point, most often a cleanout. Should there be an area that provides no access at all, it will require excavating just a single, small area for the equipment.

As there is little to no digging in the CIPP process, rest assured to benefit from the speed, safety, minimal disruption, and immediate results that it offers. When it comes to installing CIPP liners, technicians or contractors televise the pipe, clean or descale and measure the location that needs repair. Next, there should be a mixing of the resin, pouring it into the liner, connecting the tube to the puller, inserting the puller, and inverting the tube with hot air and pressure. Once all steps are complete, your client will end up having a new sewer line that can last long, even up to 50 years.

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Our CIPP Equipment

In-Line Renewal Solutions takes immense pride in providing a full range of equipment from trusted names like IMS, Picote, and Perma-Liner. Their cameras assure you of getting a perfect viewpoint. The inversion tanks ensure precision and strength. Their steamers quickly cure the resin, completing the job.

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We have everything that your company and your clients need to get started with CIPP lining. In-Line Renewal Solutions has the liners and equipment that will allow you to expand and have a full suite of services. If your company needs to undergo training or guidance, turn to In-Line Renewal Solutions and we will be there to ensure unparalleled support. We also advise our partners by dispensing tips on maintaining their CIPP installation equipment as well as improving the company's productivity.

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Assure your clients of reliable and long-lasting results through CIPP services as well as equipment from In-Line Renewal Solutions. The range of products that we can provide is sure to help expand your range of services, placing you at the cutting edge of industry technology. For more information, contact the In-Line Renewal Solutions team today.