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Founded in 1998 in the USA, the Perma-Liner company offers trusted residential, municipal, and commercial sewer lining and pipe rehabilitation kits and products. Known for their innovative technology and long lifespans, these products restore sewer systems to full functionality. In-Line Renewal Solutions takes pride in providing the full selection of Perma-Liner products to plumbing contractors and companies looking to ensure optimal client care.

About Perma-Liner Equipment

Perma-Liner specializes in cured-in-place pipe rehabilitation products. These products rehabilitate failing and deteriorated pipes, restoring them to full functionality in one day. Whether you need to repair a small section of pipe or an entire sewer lateral, Perma-Liner's reliable products assure you that the project will go as smoothly as possible.

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Perma-Liner Products

All Perma-Liner products are made in the USA. The company supports all plumbing contractors and company owners. Perma-Liner's durability, adaptability, and flexibility ensure the success of every plumbing project. The brand’s innovative solutions allow contractors and top technicians to serve more clients and complete difficult projects with ease.

Popular Perma-Liner Products

Rest assured that In-Line Renewal Solutions stocks the full selection of Perma-Liner products. No matter whether you focus on residential work or you serve residential, commercial, and municipal clients, you are sure to find what you need. The most popular Perma-Liner solutions include:

  • Perma-lateral system - Able to fix 2- to 8-inch pipes.

  • Sewer mainline repair - Can rehabilitate 8- to 24-inch pipes.

  • Sectional repair - Allows contractors to fix areas of pipes 6 to 60 inches in diameter.

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We specialize in no-dig pipe rehabilitation products. Our experts provide assistance on how to use these products and which equipment to choose for each project. Our ongoing customer support and training help you make the most of your new Perma-Liner equipment.

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Perma-Liner trenchless pipe repair products deliver cost-effective, speedy, and lasting results. Our team offers guidance on selecting and using all Perma-Liner solutions. For product specifications or additional details, reach out to us at In-Line Renewal Solutions any time.