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The advanced age of the plumbing infrastructure in the region of Western Pennsylvania means that many residential and commercial property owners will increasingly need pipe repairs. At In-Line Renewal Solutions, we offer a full range of trenchless pipe rehabilitation equipment. Among the top products that we are immensely proud to offer is innovative UV equipment that will make your pipe repair projects go as smoothly as possible.

Why We Recommend UV Equipment

The UV equipment we have in stock cures pipes without the need for heat or hot water. The fast curing time ensures rapid restoration of service. In addition, UV equipment boosts your company's productivity. All our UV equipment here at In-Line Renewal Solutions delivers repairs that last for decades.

Benefits of

Using UV Equipment

There are many benefits of using UV equipment in trenchless pipe repairs. These include:

Quick curing time
Easy to maneuver
Flexibility in the field

We recommend local contractors to use UV equipment for:

  • Spot repairs

  • Weakened or leaking pipes

  • Pipes narrowed by offsets or buildup

Working in the field often involves difficult conditions. UV equipment operates on low voltage. The LEDs do not release much heat, so it is bound to be safe for your crew. The steps to using the equipment are simple:

  • 1 Insert the liner
  • 2 Inflate the liner with ambient-temperature air
  • 3 Use the CCTV camera to visualize the proper placement
  • 4 Activate the UV light train

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UV Equipment

Our professionals offer expert advice on when to use UV equipment in trenchless pipe repairs. Should you be unsure of which equipment to purchase, we will be there to discuss the types of projects you do and the sizes and configurations of pipes you are tasked to repair. We stand behind our products and offer ongoing customer support.

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For years, In-Line Renewal Solutions has been the trusted provider of trenchless pipe and other plumbing repair equipment in Western PA. If you are new to the use of UV equipment in trenchless pipe rehabilitation, our experts will answer your questions and train you on its use. For additional details or product specifications, reach out to us today.