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Light Ray Equipment

Many customers in Western Pennsylvania end up dealing with problematic sewer lines in need of urgent repairs. For a cost-effective and lasting solution, try Light Ray equipment. In-Line Renewal Solutions is proud to offer these trustworthy products for trenchless pipe repairs.

Reasons We Recommend Light Ray Equipment

Your customers will not want to wait for days for a sewer system repair. Light Ray equipment allows contractors to complete multiple jobs in one day. It works on small- to medium-diameter pipes with leaks, offsets, deterioration, obstructions, and other issues. This equipment is touted to be durable and built to exceptional standards.

Make the Most of

Using Light Ray Equipment

Light Ray equipment is specifically designed for trenchless pipe rehabilitation. It withstands even tough environmental conditions; learning how to use it is fast and easy. Additional benefits of Light Ray equipment are:

Fast curing times
No chemical mixing required
No heat or steam required
Portable and flexible

Applications for Light Ray equipment:

  • Spot repairs

  • Rehabilitation of multi-segmented pipes

  • Repair pipes with bends or offsets

  • Fix narrow pipes

  • Repair pipes up to 100 feet in length

Getting started with Light Ray equipment is easy. A few of the steps are:

  • 1 Deploy the liner
  • 2 Inflate the liner with pressurized ambient air
  • 3 Turn on the UV lights

That's it! The Light Ray cures 6.3 feet of pipe per minute.

Why Choose In-Line Renewal Solutions for

Light Ray Equipment

At In-Line Renewal Solutions, we are a family-owned and -operated business that ensures excellent product support. In fact, we stand behind every piece of equipment we sell. We only offer trusted brands that are made to last and deliver top results. We are also available to train you on how to use Light Ray equipment and help you maximize your productivity.

Bring Quality Solutions for

Your Plumbing Business

Get more done and address specific client needs quicker with Light Ray equipment. At In-Line Renewal Solutions, we are always ready to help you select the right equipment for your plumbing or contracting company. For product specifications or to place an order, reach out to us any time.