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The aging sewer systems prevalent in Western Pennsylvania present a considerable challenge to all plumbing companies and contractors. Home and business owners need prompt repairs that last for decades. LRI, or Light Ray inversion UV, provides an excellent answer to this problem. In-Line Renewal Solutions is proud to offer this scientifically proven equipment to plumbing companies that are looking to expand their range of services, boost productivity, and ensure complete client satisfaction.

All About LRI

Inversion UV uses low-voltage UV light waves to cure liners impregnated with a special resin. The wet-out resin responds to this energy and cures within minutes at ambient temperature. As a trenchless pipe rehabilitation method, it only requires two access points to complete repairs on residential or commercial properties.

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Benefits and Advantages

When your customer prefers a rapid repair or restoration of their sewer line, LRI delivers. The benefits and advantages of LRI include:

No mixing of chemicals
UV LEDs don't release heat
No fumes
Quick setup
Works on pipes with unusual configurations

Common Uses

LRI works in a range of applications. When you need to rehabilitate sewer laterals and other small-diameter pipes, this process allows you to quickly make repairs. Use it for:

  • Pipes with 90-degree bends

  • Pipes with offsets

  • Narrow pipes up to 6 inches in diameter

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Since 1983, In-Line Renewal Solutions has offered top-notch trenchless equipment for plumbing companies and contractors. Our second-generation family-owned and -operated business takes pride in helping plumbers and plumbing companies meet their customers' needs and grow their businesses. We offer training on how to use the equipment, and our customer service team answers questions quickly.

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Whether you want to expand your range of plumbing services, assist more clients, or improve efficiency, LRI makes it possible. This rigorously tested equipment withstands tough conditions and helps contractors complete more work in less time. For additional details about LRI, contact us at In-Line Renewal Solutions today.