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As Western Pennsylvania is no stranger to heavy rain and aging pipes this only means plumbers and other technicians often have a busy season. Hence, it goes without saying that trenchless rehabilitation products allow you to expertly handle all types of sewer system problems. It is best to consult In-Line Renewal Solutions, as we proudly are the go-to source for trenchless pipe repair equipment in this part of the Keystone State as well as other areas.

Benefits of Trenchless and UV Equipment

Trenchless pipe repairs have a long lifespan, prevent environmental harm, and do not require the excavation of trenches. They are just as effective as traditional pipe repair methods. The UV equipment for curing resin that we offer from the most trusted names in the industry today cuts the curing time down to minutes. Should you consider prioritizing efficiency and high-quality tools and supplies for your clients, look no further than In-Line Renewal Solutions.

A Few Highlights of

Our Large Product Range

We stock cost-effective trenchless pipe rehabilitation materials and equipment that you can rely on in providing your residential and commercial repairs. Take a closer look at our products:



Light Ray's UV lights use low-voltage LEDs that operate at low temperatures. The Light Ray liners are pre-wet and ready to install.

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Complete small cured-in-place small-diameter pipe repairs with ease thanks to LR3 UV lights. We'll help you determine when to use LR3 equipment and show you how to use it.

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The LRI Inversion UV equipment cures 6.3 feet of pipe per minute. These cold-cure lights do not even require or generate heat, which keeps workers safe.

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IMS & Picote

Accomplish more with IMS robotic cutters. These cutters feature high-quality cameras so that you can see throughout the entire pipe. Picote's agile twisters navigate offsets, bends, and joints.

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Perma-Liner's cured-in-place or cast-in-place liners have a lifespan of 50 or more years. They are easy to install, and they work on small- to medium-diameter residential and commercial pipes.

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LMK Technologies

Regarded as a pioneer of CIPP lateral renewal technology, LMK continually drives the industry forward. This is thanks to their new products and technologies that facilitate sewer rehabilitation. Their innovations include the Performance Liner® Lateral System, the T-Liner®, and the T™ (Lined Main Tap) Saddle System.

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When it comes to manhole restoration products, tools, and systems, APM is without peer. Their high-quality products are the most trusted for sewer line repair and seamless manhole concrete pipe restoration projects. The Permacast® Mortars lead the way when it comes to reinforcing and sealing pipe liners of concrete sewer and drain pipes. Other highlights include the Conshield, Crystal-X, and Permacast Waterproofing.

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Pipe Lining Supply

A fairly new addition to our team, Pipe Lining Supply is perhaps the most recognized among national, full-service cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) lateral lining and drain, waste, and vent (DWV) sewer line rehabilitation suppliers. We are one with the brand’s goal of serving the industry with a complete warehouse stocked with only the best products without compromising on timeliness and cost-effectiveness. Ask us about the most advanced lateral lining system available today in Quik-Shot™ System and the  Quik-Coating System, among others.

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The Most Trusted Team

Among Local Area Contractors

When no-dig pipe rehabilitation, plumbers and contractors alike will solve client issues more promptly and effectively, assuring a solid reputation for these companies. Having many years of experience, In-Line Renewal Solutions is the trusted plumbing supply company in Western PA. We offer the industry's top materials and equipment, and we stand behind our products. As a family-owned and operated business, we are always available to answer your questions.

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