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Plumbing companies across Western Pennsylvania increasingly turn to trenchless pipe rehabilitation methods. These minimally invasive solutions offer the benefits of convenience and speedy restoration for clients while simultaneously enhancing safety and productivity for the crew at work. At In-Line Renewal Solutions, we are proud to stock IMS and Picote robotic pipe rehabilitation equipment to enhance your ability to repair narrow and tricky sewer systems.

About IMS & Picote Equipment

IMS robotic cutters deliver accurate and precise cuts for trenchless pipe repairs. We stock four of their cutters, and they work on narrow three-inch residential sewer lines to wider house connections.

On the other hand, our Picote robotic products include cutters and their famous Twister series. The Twisters clear concrete and other debris from collapsed and deteriorated pipes.

Why We Recommend

IMS and Picote Products

Robotic trenchless pipe repair equipment facilitates faster project completion. Both IMS and Picote tools offer adaptability and work on multiple sizes of pipes. We also recommend IMS and Picote products for their:

Rugged design
Ease of use
Trenchless repair process
Flexibility for use on short to long pipes

The Top IMS and Picote Products We Offer

We stock a range of IMS and Picote products for some of the top industry contractors as well as up-and-coming plumbing crews. A few of the top-rated choices we offer:

  • IMS Nano Easy - A useful cutter when working on narrow household pipes.

  • IMS Micro Light Plus - The ergonomic design ensures comfort for long workdays.

  • Picote Twister Series - Able to remove concrete and debris with ease.

  • Picote Robotic Cutter - Can navigate bends of 90 degrees and repair overshoots.

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Trenchless Equipment

As a family-owned and -operated business, we care about your satisfaction. For years, we have served plumbing companies and provided top-rated equipment. Our ongoing customer support and training help you make the most of your equipment investment. Robotic equipment helps each trenchless pipe repair go as smoothly as possible. IMS and Picote products are built to last, and they withstand tough environmental conditions.

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Your Plumbing Business

For additional details about IMS and Picote equipment reach out to us at In-Line Renewal Solutions. We look forward to helping you serve your clients in a much more efficient way.